School update!

Monday, October 17, 2011

So far school has been pretty uneventful mostly related to almost probably 80% of the information I'm getting is the second time around which I don't mind as I want the best knowledge base going into this BSN education possible, which is set to start ramping up next semester.

We only have 3 clinical days this semester with actual patients and the rest of the learning is done in lab which I kind of like and detest at the same time, but one of those days is already finished. And I'm slightly freaking out about my care plan which is kind of silly and ridiculous at the same time. This isn't my first care plan in general, but it is differently styled than what I'm used to that's for sure. It's also for a teacher whose expectations I'm not quite sure about. But this week that is my major 'to do' and I'm even headed back to the hospital today to get more information and mind meld with my unit partner for that day and also to help her along since I possess extra information and I kind of feel it's one of my duties to impart knowledge.

My social life is as usual, totally fucked haha. Not going to harp or rant on the details but luckily where I'm lacking in some areas I have friends that make up for it in others thankfully.

Until next time, stay classy ;)
(Really on a Ron Burgundy kick with the sayings lately)


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