31 Things To Do In March.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

  1. Finish January and February tasks still doable time and money-wise.
  2. Finish 1 page in 'the book'
  3. Finish 1 page in my journal
  4. Drink at least one quart (32 oz) of fluid per day
  5. Use my fluoride toothpaste at least once a week
  6. Work on my list Moleskine
  7. Update my password Moleskine
  8. Update my book/music Moleskine
  9. Work on my personal Moleskine pages
  10. Work on my personal Moleskine front pages
  11. Work on my personal Moleskine photo collage
  12. Keep my school planner up to date
  13. Get March's whiteboard calendar done
  14. Continue organizing my Firefox bookmarks
  15. Put more of my files onto my Macbook Pro
  16. Update my flash drive
  17. Update/organize my external hard drive
  18. Attempt to organize my photo folders
  19. Turn in my time cards (x2)
  20. Turn in my hire card
  21. Correct my FAFSA
  22. Turn in items FVCC needs
  23. Request transcripts from FHS and UM
  24. Get Grizz neutered
  25. Get my hair cut
  26. Clean out my bathroom products of outdated items
  27. Clean out my purse of outdated items
  28. Move Drarmos to Gnorbificent
  29. Finish BIOL 107 - Introduction to Microbiology Lab
  31. Go to see The Flip Wilsons with Ruthy
Tasks Completed 31/31