Onward and Upward

Saturday, July 14, 2012

So I finished my first upper division nursing school semester for my BSN about two months ago which included the classes: Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics, Psychosocial Nursing Concepts, Acute & Chronic Illness, and Introduction to Community-Based Nursing. 1 semester down and 3 to go. Overall the semester went pretty smoothly considering I moved 450 miles from home to live with my Mom's brother and sister and I got my first job as an LPN doing part-time night shifts. 

This next semester that starts in about a month and a half is going to feature: Nursing Care of Childbearing Family, Nursing Care of Children and Families, and finally Research in Health Care. Basically this is mom/baby semester which I already know is not an area that I'm interested in general due to previous school experience and just my overall feelings. I also am not big on writing papers which is exactly what I fear my research class will be full of. Thankfully I just have to look at it from the perspective of being one semester out of four that I might not love but that I will make it through.

I must say I really enjoyed the professors I had last semester and I am a bit sad that they stay teaching their same classes but we as students move on to new professors. It leaves me a bit flustered because I worry about what is to come. Although I should mention that I haven't heard anything bad about any of the professors on this campus thankfully. 

I'm also really thankful for my LPN job which is at a nursing home and is slowly teaching me new things. I'm thankful nursing home life is more laid back and is allowing me to get my feet wet in nursing for my first job without overwhelming me. Right now I'm having to navigate being a direct supervisor to two CNAs and how we've got one who just doesn't seem to be "getting it" and hasn't been receptive to help from anyone. And I can tell my willingness to help is waning because of her inability to accept help from others. I'm having to remind myself that it's not her feelings I need to worry about but resident safety and health. 

Well I'm feeling tired so I think I'll go lay down and see if I can get a nap in before work tonight :)

Until next time.