31 Things To Do In July.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

    1. Finish January, February, March and June tasks still doable time and money-wise
    2. Finish 2 pages in 'the book'
    3. Finish 1 page in my journal
    4. Work on my personal Moleskine pages
    5. Continue working on decorating my new personal/school Moleskine
    6. Update my list notebook
    7. Update my music notebook
    8. Update my movie list
    9. Update my book list
    10. Try to drink one quart (32 oz) of fluid per day
    11. Continue working on my Firefox bookmarks
    12. Compile a Nessa bookmark folder
    13. Work on backupdating LiveJournal
    14. Make 1 'Photo Post Friday' posts (Here & Tumblr)
    15. Upload a new set of photos to Flickr
    16. Watch 2 of my instant queue movies
    17. Start on Season 1 of 'Deadliest Catch' on Netflix Instant
    18. Set up Netflix for Wii
    19. Start watching Season 1 of 'Mad Men' from my DVD queue
    20. Try to get through 3 movies on my DVD queue
    21. Watch Season 1 of 'White Collar'
    22. Watch 'White Collar' Season 2 premiere
    23. Watch 'Psych' Season 5 premiere
    24. Watch 'Covert Affairs' premiere
    25. Watch 'Rizzoli & Isles' premiere
    26. Buy a new Mackbook Pro cover
    27. Buy a Macbook Pro laptop sleeve
    28. Have a 4th of July BBQ
    29. Finish 'Along For The Ride'
    30. Start reading 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'
    31. Start reading 'The Surgeon'
Tasks Completed 31/31

Photo Post Friday.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo taken of the Flathead River along Highway 2 on the way back from Marias Pass.

Supply Madness.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I think the thing I'm most excited about because of my acceptance into nursing school(s) is the school supplies I will get to use. If you knew anything about me since about high school and well into college is that I have a very well documented love of office supplies. In fact I can rarely walk into an OfficeMax or a Staples and even department stores without coming out with something office related. I'm a total addict, and I'm fine with that.

First up we have these:

Graph paper notebooks in two style
s: spiral and wireless. I thought the unique aspect of using graph paper grids as opposed to lined paper was the easy ability to make charts, lists, etc... I know that every time I tried to do this in a normal notebook the result was disastrous even discounting my stellar lack of art skills. I suspect when I undertake my Pharmacology class this fall that this format will hopefully prove to be successful.

Also keeping in line with the graph theme I bought graph fille
r paper and gridded index cards, I bought 2 sizes, 3"x5" and 4"x6" (No link available). I also bought a big pack of these unruled 4"x6" index cards so as to be able to make quick note-style flashcards, I also thought this would be handy for Pharmacology.

I also bought these book rings so as to punch holes in the index cards to create my own handy dandy flashcards. I really like how this semester is turning out to be school supply wise.

Of course I'm buying supplies in preparation of the school year and logistically I'm buying items that could be used also in a non-school capacity. I am also reusing some supplies from previous years. I cannot believe the stock piled of college ruled filler paper that I am drowning in still to this day. One of the items I'm most excited in reusing is the Mead Flex NoteBinder. I love the idea of the rings being open so as to completely be able to flip the binder open and be able to continue writing like a notebook but everything is still binder-style organized with tabs and pockets. I own 2 of these already from my last semester of college and I've since filed away the papers they used to hold and will hopefully be re-purposing them this fall.

I am also a big proponent of page flags and markers as a way to make important areas of textbooks as places of future interest, current place, etc... I really like the Post-It Durable Tabs. I also have several just paper ones that say "Where I Left Off", "On The Test" with areas of space to write, and "Study" with areas of space to write. I also have a few with the symbols ", ??, and !!!! (No links available).

Now over the last year I've gotten way too far into pens. While I'm a firm believer in Uni-Ball pens in all their various forms I have found that they are not all that great when writing on lined paper whether filler paper or notebooks and often they show through and therefore don't provide maximization of paper, which in a notebook especially makes it hard to gauge your usage and whether a notebook will last as long as you intend it to.

I have found that cheaper pens such as Bic Round Stic Grip Ballpoint Pens in various colors are a lot better at helping solve the bleed through problems I was encountering. I think any cheapish pen will do and I have also picked up several on sale kinds from WalGreens on occasion.

This fall I will also be using pencils and I prefer these Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. They've been my standby all throughout high school and college. I also picked up some new erasers to replace the art eraser I got in like 9th grade art class. I bought this lovely 4 set of Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers. Staedtler is a brand I've fallen in love with since I got into Moleskine planners. They're German and anyone who knows me knows I also love German things BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, sauerkraut, etc... For regular writing on things like post its I also invested in some Staedtler Liquid Point 7's. So far I really seem to like these, but I suspect they are like Uni-Ball pens when it comes to thinner papers. Overall I like that they came with 4 colors and a little pouch in which to carry them.

Next up we have highlighters, hoo boy. So far I've been using these highlighters I bought from OfficeMax during high school at least 3 years ago. They're nothing special, but they get the job done.

Earlier this year I found some erasable highlighters that I just thought were totally awesome! They work pretty decently and I cannot wait to try using them on a more regular basis this fall.

The last of the supplies I have bought so far was a pack of 5 top bound memo books for writing in during clinical time. I figure I could keep this inside my pockets and it will help remember important items said during those times and information I will need to write down in a chart, etc... I figure I will make sure to buy some more of the Uni-Ball 207 retractable pens to keep in my pocket as well.

Next up is my organization for keeping track of everything this fall. I optimize a weekly planner layout. Right now I'm using a Moleskine Weekly Notebook Extra Large from July 2010 - December 2011. I also have a Moleskine Weekly Notebook Large for July 2009 - December 2010. Both have similar layouts, but are just different sizes. I plan to use the smaller one to keep track of personal business until it's done and the larger one to keep track of school mostly, but with personal stuff thrown in.

I use several sets of different pens when writing in my planner pages. These pages are fairly thin so you cannot just use any regular pen as there is risk for tearing and bleed through. First is Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens. While these are good for writing in Moleskines they are not really everyday writing pens, especially because of their size. These pens are 0.3 mm which is a very superfine tip. The pens come in both 10 packs and 20 packs featuring different colors. I also love the packaging that these pens come in. It's designed to be able to stand up, but I've never used it like that, but the case does keep it the pens very neatly organized.

Next up is Staedtler Triplus Color Markers, which are still a fine tip, but they a
re thicker than the Triplus Fineliner pens. These are nice when you want a thicker definition than the regular Triplus fineliner pens. These are supposedly about 1.0 mm thick. Another fun feature of the Staedtler pens is they employ Dry Safe
technology which means you can leave them uncapped for days. I haven't tested this, but I like the idea.

The next set of pens I like to use are Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pens. These are very similar to the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, but slightly larger at 0.4 mm. There are a few color differences between the two brands, which is why I like having both of them.

This is pretty much the overall gist of how I plan to keep on top of everything in the coming months and years. I think in coming posts I will try to post scans of my planner and point out some of the supplies I use within it specifically and not just for school.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I suppose I somewhat have a focus for this blog now, one that I most definitely can live with especially when it comes to sharing. For a while my future has somewhat been up in the air. I always intended to go to college I was just never completely sure what for. Thankfully I'm a little more squared away now.

I originally started out as a physical sciences (Chemistry/Biology, I forget which one) major when I first entered college after high school, but when thinking of ways I could complete all my education at the same school, the University of Montana, I opted for a major change and went the way of being a Pre-Pharmacy major because UM has a Pharmacy school on campus, but after a year it was pretty clear to me that this was not the real path I wanted to go down.

As I began re-evaluating the best major change for me I took stock of th
e Nursing programs offered at the College of Technology for the same university and decided my first plan of action was to obtain a licensed practical nursing associate degree and then continue on in their 2 year registered nursing program, but in reality with as much as I had to put into a 2 year registered nursing degree it seemed more applicable to just go for a full out 4 year bachelors of science in nursing degree (BSN).

I spent the remaining 2 years I was not studying Pre-Pharmacy working on pre-requisite classes for the LPN program at UM-COT and for the RN program at MSU. Luckily a lot of the classes for each different program have the same base, so it's like killing two birds with one stone. A lot of my pre-requisites from my Pre-Pharmacy days counted towards some of my general educations requirements, but a bunch did not count towards my Nursing pre-requisites, but luckily the classes were still beneficial overall.

I lived in Missoula, the home of UM for a total of 3 years and I can honestly say at least 2 of those years were some of the most miserable times of my life. Missoula was and will never be my home, it will also never be a town that 'gets' me. I drive my SUV with pride while people in Missoula love their bikes and their hybrids, well good for them but I don't need it shoved down my throat. When it came time to apply for a placement at the COT I realized I really did not want to be in Missoula for another 2 years, so I opted not to apply into the LPN program there, but instead in my hometown where there was a program at my local community college. Luckily most of the needed classes for FVCC were pretty identical for UM-COT.

Thankfully and luckily
y I was accepted into the LPN program for Fall Semester 2010, which is a load off of my back for sure. This means for a year I will be able to live back at home, in an environment I'm extremely comfortable with. I'm also looking forward to have very small class sizes. The LPN program here accepts 20 people, up from the 10 they used to accept, which means there will a good environment in which to learn. I'm hoping this environment will help prepare for what comes after this academic school year.

This summer I'm working on reviewing Anatomy & Physiology since it's been about a year since my initial A&P I class. I most definitely need a review. Wh
ile I did learn while in the initial class I was distracted from being in Missoula and some of it fell through the cracks, but luckily I'm hoping the review will come quickly. I'm most definitely not looking forward to reviewing muscle and bone nomenclature and functions, but I must.

It's also with great excitement I get to say that I've been accepted into
Montana State University - Bozeman's Registered Nursing program starting in a year and a half. After my LPN program is done I will take my NCLEX-PN and hopefully pass. By taking the LPN program I both fulfill my academic requirement for Bozeman and will be able to use this degree as a job opportunity during my RN schooling.

In Summer 2011 I start my lower division nursing classes and then in Spring 2012 my upper division nursing classes start. I still don't know where I will be placed until August 31st. I'm hoping to either remain in Kalispell or end up in Billings where my Aunt and my Uncle live and where I will at least have family. That was what sucked so bad about Missoula was the lack of hardly anybody I knew. It's very hard to feel connected to reality when you feel so alone.

Overall I'm excited for the next 3 1/2 years of my life and I finally feel like things are coming together and I hope to be able to share my experiences.


An intro of sorts.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Courtney, I'm a 21 year old college student who still lives at home while going to school, and probably will unless I meet that mythical 'special someone.' I'm currently single and I don't have a problem with that. I spent a portion of my life with someone else and it didn't end well, so I'm not willing to commit to anything besides school and work.

I named this blog 'The Cynister' because that kind of is me. I call myself a realist to try to divert away from calling myself a pessimist. Real life to me is not sunshine and rainbows and I absolutely detest when people try to make it out to be that way. Reality is not kind and I'm not someone who really likes to beat around that bush. Not all of my opinions are negative, but I really do try to live life realistically which sometimes results in people calling me negative when I choose to point out things realistically, which really doesn't bother me.

I live life by two mottos: "Something wicked this way comes." and "The only person you can trust is yourself." The former is a reminder to me that I am someone and something to be reckoned with. I don't like games, drama, etc... and this is where I stand my ground. The latter motto is just a reminder that sometimes that mantra about people not changing is true, and that it is untrue especially when your best friend turns on you. Life is not
always kind, but it is not always stormy, it's about making your way through the muck and mire while keeping yourself afloat.

So here I am still without an idea to really focus on for this Blogger, but I guess this fact doesn't bother me that much, but I definitely don't want to sit here and try to use this to dissect my life, I do enough of that in private.

So I guess this will just have to be my place of goals and sharing, no matter how inane.

Welcome, I guess.