31 Things To Do In January.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

  1. Finish 5 pages in 'the book'
  2. Finish 2 pages in my journal
  3. Work on my list Moleskine
  4. Update my password Moleskine
  5. Update my book/music Moleskine
  6. Work on my personal Moleskine pages
  7. Work on my personal Moleskine front pages
  8. Work on my personal Moleskine photo collage
  9. Prepare my school planner
  10. Prepare a school schedule
  11. Download the Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist soundtrack
  12. Download an album by Islands
  13. Download an album by Three Days Grace
  14. Work on my bracelet
  15. Visit Dollar Tree
  16. Visit Ben Franklin
  17. Take Grizz to his vet appointment
  18. Visit Alley Connection
  19. Organize my bookmarks
  20. Finish 'The Lost Symbol'
  21. Read 'A Death in Vienna'
  22. Read 'Vienna Blood'
  23. Watch the Psych premiere!
  24. Watch 'Up In The Air'
  25. Watch 'Land of the Lost'
  26. Watch 'Where The Wild Things Are'
  27. Finish watching Psych Season 2
  28. Finish watching Dexter Season 3
  29. Catch up on The Big Bang Theory Season 3
  30. Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 2
  31. Start Spring Semester 2010!
Tasks Completed 31/31

A New Year.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I don't make resolutions, it's just not a me thing.
I tend to think of a more small-term scale than a large-term scale.

I'm very pleased with how well I did with setting a small, completable goals per month.
I'm going to wipe clean everything I did not do last year and star anew.
See you on the other side 2010 =].