30 Things To Do In June.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So my lists basically dropped off for April and May which were very busy months for finishing up school and moving out of Missoula for good hopefully. Now that life has somewhat calmed back down and I'm able to focus on small term goals again.

  1. Finish January, February, and March tasks still doable time and money-wise
  2. Finish 2 pages in 'the book'
  3. Finish 1 page in my journal
  4. Work on my personal Moleskine pages
  5. Work on decorating my new personal/school Moleskine
  6. Scan in Moleskine pages
  7. Buy some planner supplies off of Etsy
  8. Update my list notebook
  9. Update my music notebook
  10. Update my movie list
  11. Work on organizing my Firefox bookmarks
  12. Work on backupdating LiveJournal
  13. Try to drink one quart (32 oz) of fluid per day
  14. Sign up for Netflix
  15. Watch at least 3 instant queue movies
  16. Attempt to watch 'The Angry Beavers' Season 1 on Netflix
  17. Attempt to get through 3 movies on my DVD queue
  18. Watch Season 1 of Dark Blue
  19. Renew my Flickr Pro membership
  20. Attempt to pick a font for the new tattoo
  21. Begin researching watch options
  22. Register for FVCC LPN classes
  23. Look for index card solutions
  24. Finish CNA classes
  25. Begin reviewing A&P concepts
  26. Watch Royal Pains season premiere
  27. Watch Glee season finale
  28. Have a Father's Day BBQ
  29. Finish reading 'Vienna Blood'
  30. Put 'Along For The Ride' on hold at the library
Tasks Complete 30/30